The windows 7 starter operating system, however is not. Using this you can save all your files from your hard disk to external drive. If you have the recovery disc, you can recover it manually: I would like to wipe and reinstall. It goes through the restore system and updating system. Everything else was right on. I do not care about the data on it, just want it running again.

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I erased all that writing and it booted acer aspire 4736g vista perfectly in normal boot and did not shut ff nor any blue screen. Using this you can save all your files acr your hard disk to external drive.

Please help how to solve it. But alas, the faster our computers get, the harder it will be to time these commands.

Can this be done? Will unzipping and acer aspire 4736g vista the exe files in that one install the eRecovery Management? Once your computer turned on, press and hold Alt key, then continuous press F10 button until you see Acer eRecovery System is running you might need to do it for a couple of times before your system entered Acer eRecovery System, I failed to enter for a few vosta when I trying it out, not sure why though.

The windows acer aspire 4736g vista starter operating system, however is 4763g.

How to restore/format your Acer desktop/laptop without recovery disc? | Techie Talkz

Try contact Acer support for acer aspire 4736g vista solution. Any ideas as in what that means and what my other options maybe to acer aspire 4736g vista restoring my laptop back to factory or recovering my password? Yes I did try the Acer eRecovery Managment within windows, and yes it still needs a password, and the default password didnt work there either. I had removed all these not sure why t came up but i tried to enter previous ones. I contacted Acer support and they asked me acer aspire 4736g vista restore to factory settings… Well i am ok with that… but now they also alter me to take a backup of all the files before doing the above.


Well Thanks for trying to help it looks like its just time for a new laptop. Have you try restart your PC to see if it installs correctly? Hi, Most probably your hard disk is having issue, I would suggest you to do a live boot UBuntu to copy all your files if the hard disk still readablethen change a new hard disk.

Hi what is e-Recovery password? You are commenting using your WordPress. It will not fix crashes caused by hardware issue.

Acer Aspire 4736G Drivers Download

Hi Paul, I am not entirely sure but I suspect that acer aspire 4736g vista. If the recovery gone crazy every 4736f you do it, I would think that the recovery partition itself is already corrupted, not too sure though. What can I do to fix this computer??? I have an Acer aspire This the issue.

Practically there is no difference between the Original Windows Vista and the new one, except the drivers and utilities from Acer are fully installed. Are you able to burn any CD?


On start up my acer shows check cable connection! I keep getting a blue boot setting screen upon pressing Alt F10 please help me. You will definitely need to purchase a new acer aspire 4736g vista disk, but I am not entirely sure how you can copy the entire image from you existing hard disk to the acer aspire 4736g vista one easily it can be done but technically quite difficult.

My recovery disc is not working and i had no idea to format my laptop without disc. Mine did the same thing until I found out xspire by pressing these to keys will allow it to stay this way. I read that I need to find drivers for the disk controllers as there is no such thing as a driver for the disk itself.

Acer Aspire Notebook

Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. I cannot thank you enough. A quick search shows that there are solution for this, though a Windows System Repair disc has to acer aspire 4736g vista created for it. I was only allowed to boot up in safe mode.