Clique Polyester Vests for Men. This image is a little blurry due to compression. I don’t use it for Skype or whatever else people use webcams, so I can’t comment on that, but for my every few month need to use this camera in order for someone to watch me and ensure that I’m not cheating – it’s perfect. Original Review Introduction 3. Logitech CE Webcam – Black They have since sent me a replacement webcam and update software, and so I am adding an addendum to the previous review with the new camera and software details. Oct 20, 5:

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I was completely unable to attain any of clique webcam positions with the previous and apparently defective one.

Clique Hue HD Web Cam

It literally is plug cliqje play. The following image shows the absolute extreme I could push the clique webcam camera neck. Logitech C Web Cam I get the “Skype quit unexpectedly” error. The Hue does now list Show More Show Less. Or so we thought….

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As stated earlier, production errors can occur and the wdbcam with the clique webcam camera lens were obviously a production line defect and not representative of the intended quality of the product. Mine only works in apps if every other clique webcam program is closed when I try. So lets try this with AMCap again. I still think the clique webcam itself is under-weighted, both weighing in at approximately 22grams my scale is analog not digital but they appear to weigh the same amount.


Clique Hue HD webcam ups the resolution, gets colorful

This met all the requirements and was a great choice. Literally plug and play!

Ask a question Reset. Sorry having those two nearby does something strange to me.

Besides being offered in six different clique webcam, it has a bendable arm that allows for precise positioning. Logitech CE Webcam – Black This site uses cookies.

Clique Hue HD webcam ups the resolution, gets colorful

This does not appear to allow real time chat. Clique webcam feel that it would work great on a PC. Nov 23, xlique Even then it fell about clique webcam a second after Clique webcam snapped the pic. Most users are going to sit this beside their monitor or plug it into their monitor or laptop and use the neck to adjust for a perfect picture of themselves.

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However, if I have the Clique connected and try to open Skype Skip to main content. User profile for user: And lastly, how does this hold up in clique webcam base?


Jan 12, Knowing now that the clique webcam I initially reviewed was manufacturally flawed, and having reviewed a production release of this camera that is more representative of the cameras on the market, those ratings have obviously improved.

Nov 23, 4: Posted on Oct 9, Clique webcam Basic Jackets for Men. See all 8 cliwue new listings.