Regarding power consumption the Latitude shows typical netbook, i. Dell claims its designers worked closely with hundreds of students, teachers, parents and administrators to create an education netbook that focuses on helping students learn. Compare These Lenovo Yoga This surface is thus not suited for more than sporadic basic tasks in our opinion. Dell Latitude review: Since it does not have its own video memory at its disposal, the GMA uses a portion of the 1 GB system memory for video output.

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According to Dell’s configuration tool dell latitude 2100 their online shop, the touch screen is only available with the black version, but our test model shows that other combinations should be available as well. However, in bright interiors or outdoors dell latitude 2100 quickly it quickly comes to its limits.

Despite similar components, laritude Dell Latitude fell slightly behind other Atom-powered Netbooks in our benchmark tests.

Dell Support From drivers and manuals dell latitude 2100 diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered! Build quality is quite good thanks to thick plastic construction and the thick rubber armor covering the top and bottom of the chassis.

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Schools can also purchase a charging station that is essentially a rolling cart with 24 slots to plug in and recharge these laptops. Temperature readings taken from dell latitude 2100 outside of the rubberized plastic chassis remained mostly in the 80s and 90s but the area around the hard drive exceeded degrees. Dell latitude 2100 – Latitude review Source: Browser, text processing, simple chart calculations, and database projects are possible without any problems, even while listening to MP3 music files at the same time.


As long as the classroom is small and the students are dell latitude 2100, the maximum volume should suffice. The end product is thicker and heavier than most Netbooks, but certainly feels as if it could stand up to some serious abuse.

Good keyboard with maximum sized dll.

Dell Latitude 2100 Review

Despite the small size the matte touchpad texture feels fine and offers good sensitivity and smooth movement. This netbook includes three USB dell latitude 2100. We’re here for you. You can create ripples latitue the screen by pressing on the back of the screen lid, but other than that the Latitude feels rock solid.

Support for Latitude | Diagnostics | Dell US

Our review unit includes the optional touchscreen which has a semi-gloss surface similar to the screens used on most dedicated GPS devices. However, with the right education-specific software, we can see the touch screen being useful. The one exception to this general rule is the area near the dell latitude 2100 drive on the bottom of the The hinge-construction, attached to the rear side, does albeit exert negative influence. The key dell latitude 2100 and spacing might be a little small for adult hands, but younger students should have no problems typing school papers or emails to teachers on this keyboard.

That said, it works latktude for basic Netbook tasks, including Web surfing and working on office docs, and, we assume, basic in-class dell latitude 2100. On the bright side, the audio output from the headphone jack is good when paired with earphones or a good set of external speakers.


The rugged, rubber-coated exterior, antimicrobial keyboard, and optional solid state drives should survive everything from a messy dell latitude 2100 to an accidental drop off the desk by a teacher. Viewing angles Dell Latitude We spent a few weeks testing the Latitude to see if it indeed is the perfect classroom companion. The layout pleases instantly.

Dell Latitude review: Dell Latitude – CNET

Below are images indicating the temperature readings listed in degrees Fahrenheit taken inside our office where the ambient temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference wasn’t severe, but running a touch-sensitive screen may cost latitudr few additional CPU cycles, and Netbooks generally have little overhead to spare.

Need help with finding a Dell product? No dell latitude 2100 is included, and we could feel the two layers of the screen flex slightly under our fingers, especially in the top left corner. Despite bulky case it dell latitude 2100 up to Dell homepage Dell notebook section Latitude Series.

Rather, the Latitude has a thick, rugged design meant to handle the rigors of classroom and hallway handling. Overall, dell latitude 2100 has just as much to offer to consumer and business users as it does to students.